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Our consulting team has decades of experience helping our clients navigate the complex and evolving digital healthcare landscape. From DIGITAL HEALTH STRATEGY to HEALTHCARE IT INTEROPERABILITY, Dogwood consultants bring the extensive knowledge and expertise required to deliver innovative solutions to our clients across the globe.

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Digital First Strategy
We collaborate with our clients to develop and implement digital health strategies that meet their current and emerging needs.
Change Management
We understand that one of the biggest obstacles to successful digital health transformation projects is the resistance to change. We’ve worked with dozens of clients to ensure ultimate success.
Interoperability / FHIR
The achievement of interoperability lies in a deep understanding of the underlying information standards that span geographical boundaries and technology solutions. Our interoperability experts are thought leaders in the international standards community.
Leadership / Volunteer / Mentorship
Our team is dedicated to giving back to the healthcare community. Dogwood Health Consultants are proud members of national and international professional associations and thought leaders in digital health standards development organizations.

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