Our Commitments

Dogwood Health is committed to you, our staff, the healthcare sector and to the environment.


Client Commitment

We bring experienced resources to every assignment, providing our clients access to world-class talent to meet demanding projects and assignments.  With expert resources, we get the job done better and faster, leading to efficiency gains that translate to value for our clients. We ensure satisfaction and exceptional outcomes, by working closely with our clients and consultants.



Team Commitment

We are successful through recruitment, engagement and retention of consultant talent by providing a nurturing and challenging environment.  We provide a progressive work environment that attracts people who want to provide the very best, are recognized for that and want to continue to meet or exceed client expectations.  We are committed to our top talent.


Health Industry Commitment

We are passionate about making a difference in the health industry and making patients’ lives better.  Every aspect of healthcare is improved through the effective use of information technology, enhancing patient safety, increasing system efficiency and making better decisions with more precise and reliable data.  We are committed to improving the healthcare industry and reducing the cost of delivering key services to patients.



Environmental Commitment

Our entire leadership team are always incorporating ways to reduce our collective impact on our environment.  Our approach is to maximize in-person time and, where feasible and practical, segment this through remote work during client office hours. We also have no physical offices to reduce our environmental footprint.

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